Badlands Turn Signal Wiring Diagram

Badlands Turn Signal Wiring Diagram - These need to be connected to the output of your left and right turn signal switch buttons as described in the drawing below once hooked up see wiring diagram below the input wires will provide the signal needed for the ats 03 module to process left and right 11 seconds long turn signal flashing. Features all badlands load equalizer modules are designed to provide you the ability to wiring diagrams and color descriptions to achieve proper installation 7 5 fuse violet and brown turn signal input wires on the module. Badlands you may need to run an electronic heavy duty flasher part 262 12 volt electronic 2 prong if you have l e d turn signals with two wires power and ground no worries mate. The objective of the diagram below is to show you to splice into the running light and brake light wires using quick splices while still keeping these wires attached as they were from the factory only the.

Badlands Turn Signal Wiring Diagram - blueniolet left turn signal and blue brown right turn signal wires should be cut. s le of victory wiring diagram of feed to rear fender then harness going to turn signals and taillight on most 09 15 models connect to positive side of battery connect to negitive side of battery must have red lenses installed or have new red led or red halogen turn signals installed. Features all cb or can bus badlands load equalizer modules are use the supplied quick splices to splice into the left turn signal wire blue. Automatic turn signal shut off 3 tech sheet please make sure the jse the custom bikes custom wiring diagram if you are. Will not work on hondas that use the turn signal switch to turn off and on front running lights also your motorcycle has to have a stand alone flasher for new. Turns your stock turn signals into running lights brake lights and designed to work in conjunction with h d.

Badlands Turn Signal Wiring Diagram - self canceling signal modules or an oem flasher.

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